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The UAS Verification Products are the industry's most advanced verification solution for USB Attached SCSI and USB 3.0 streaming based designs. The intelligent Verification Engine provides a full timing based bus functional model (BFM) for automatic constrained-random stimulus generation and protocol checking. It has a powerful Error Injector and extensive list of callbacks. A unique Interface Inspector provides the monitoring, checking, and scoreboarding capability along with protocol compliance, functional coverage and error reporting. A comprehensive Test Suite is available with test cases for complete verification including corner cases which relieves engineers from the need to manually write tasks. This provides the Perfect combination of tools to ensure design success.

The UAS VIP provides a quick and efficient way to verify any UAS and USB 3.0 based design - Host, Device, Hub or PHY. It supports the UAS 2.0, UASP 1.0 and USB 3.0 specification and tests all layer levels of the USB 3.0 design - PHY, Link and Protocol.UAS provides a complete verification solution that includes multi-language support and UVM/OVM and VMM methodology.

The UAS VIP provides:

  • Bus Functional Models
  • Protocol Checker
  • Protocol Monitor
  • Scoreboard
  • Report Generator
  • Error Injector
  • Functional Coverage
  • Callback Capability


UAS Initiator

The UAS Initiator VIP provides a full timing, bus functional model (BFM) that operates at 5 Gbps, SuperSpeed rates. The BFM initiates SCSI commands and emulates the interface. The programmable Error Injector permits errors to be inserted at any layer of the protocol.

  • Multiple endpoint support for multiple UAS PIPE
  • Initiator performs bus enumeration and allocates independent UAS pipes for communication flow
  • Generates user configurable SCSI Command IU for data-in, data-out and simultaneous data transfer
  • Generates Task Management IU to request task management function

UAS Target

Like the UAS Initiator, the UAS Target supports all the features and functions of the UAS and USB 3.0 device specification.

Multiple endpoint support for multiple UAS PIPE

  • Supports out of order transaction and queuing
  • Generates User configurable Sense IU and Response IU
  • Supports automatic generation of Write Ready IU and Read Ready IU


Integrated into the Initiator and Target BFM, the USB PHY model provides accurate modelling at the serial or PIPE interface.

  • Connect to RTL (MAC) on PIPE and PHY on serial side
  • Clock and data recovery (SERDES)
  • 8b/10b encoder/decoder
  • Elasticity buffer
  • Serial transmission/reception at 5 GHz

UAS Interface Inspector

An enhanced protocol checker and monitor with built in coverage features; it can be integrated into any UAS verification environment, between upstream and downstream ports

  • Checks for protocol compliance and flags violations
  • Generates bus performance summary and transaction statistics
  • Performs functional/feature/error/protocol compliance coverage


  • Guarantees compliance to USB 3.0 specifications
  • Enable faster testbench development and complete USB design verification
  • Plug-and-play into all major simulation environments
  • Ensure first pass design success
  • Reduces risk to design flaws
  • Reduces overall design and verification costs

UAS Compliance Test Suite

Developed by PerfectVIPs to thoroughly exercise UAS and USB 3.0 designs, the compliance suite is an advanced verification test suite that provides hundreds of test cases.

  • Verifies UAS and all layers of USB 3.0 designs
  • Provides comprehensive design coverage targeted at UAS, Protocol, Link & PHY layers
  • Unified customizable message formatting and reporting
  • Inject error at all layers
  • Pre-built cover groups for functional coverage analysis
  • Powerful and flexible pre-built OVM sequence libraries for generating test scenarios for coverage driven verification
  • Pre-built constraint library which allows constrained random stimulus generation ensuring robust verification

UAS Solutions

Developed by PerfectVIPs to address all USB 3.0 architectures, the following USB 3.0 SuperSpeed solutions are available.

Verification :

  • UAS Initiator VIP
  • UAS Target VIP
  • UAS Interface Inspector
  • UAS 3.0/2.0 Host VIP
  • UAS 3.0/2.0 Device VIP

Compliance Suites:

  • UAS Initiator Compliance Test Suite
  • UAS Target Compliance Test Suite
  • USB 3.0 Host Compliance Test Suite
  • USB 3.0 Device Compliance Test Suite
  • USB 3.0 Hub Compliance Test Suite

UAS Target DUT




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