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The ONFi Verification Products provide the most complete verification solution for Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFi) based designs. The intelligent Verification Engine, advanced Interface Inspector and Comprehensive Test Suite provide the Perfect combination of tools to reduce design risk, verification time and project costs.

The ONFi VIP provides a quick and efficient way to verify any ONFi based NAND Flash Device or Controller design. It supports the latest ONFi 2.2 specification and is backwards compatible with revisions 2.1 and 2.0. As an ONFi host, the VIP transfers command, address and data to the NAND Flash. As a NAND Flash device model, it responds to host commands.ONFi provides a complete verification solution and supports OVM methodology.

The ONFi VIP provides:

  • Bus Functional Models
  • Packet & Order set Generator
  • Directed and Random Transaction Generator
  • Error Injector
  • Callbacks
  • Monitor/Checker
  • Report Generator


ONFi Host/Device Models

The Verification Engine/BFM generates, drives and responds to ONFi transactions between the host controller and the NAND flash device.

  • COMMAND, ROW ADDRESS, COLUMN ADDRESS & DATA with configured timing mode in sync/async
  • Bad transactions
  • Vendor specific command transactions
  • Random transactions and error injections
  • Supports two targets on dual bus, simultaneously
  • Automatically sets timing mode according to Target Device Mode
  • Allows Data Pause during READ/PROGRAM operations
  • ECC Generation during PROGRAM operations
  • Erroneous/illegal response to host requests
  • Simple and flexible APIs
  • Inserts bus level Protocol Errors during transactions
  • Validates transactions against user configured features
  • Validates row address & column address cycles and address location
  • Allows Clock Stop operation during Source Synchronous Data read mode

ONFi Interface Inspector

The Interface Inspector provides functional coverage with the following features:

  • Each target device covered individually
  • Covers all operational modes, timing modes logical units, block addresses, page addresses, column addresses & data
  • Cross coverage features: logical unit & block, block & page, page & column, mode & command, timing mode & command, command sequence
  • Provides protocol-checking capability with the following built-in rules:
    (1) Bus level, (2) timing, (3) host, (4) device

ONFi Test Suite

Developed by PerfectVIPs to thoroughly exercise ONFi designs, the test suite is a comprehensive verification test suite.

  • Provides comprehensive design coverage
  • OVM based SystemVerilog with OVM test sequences
  • TLM based architecture
  • Identifies all protocol violations
  • Provides detailed functional coverage
  • Provides directed and constrained random regression testing capability

ONFi Solutions

Developed by PerfectVIPs to address ONFi based host and NAND Flash devices, the following ONFi solutions are available.

Verification :

  • ONFi Host VIP
  • ONFi Device VIP

Test Suites:

  • Host Compliance Test Suite
  • Device Compliance Test Suite

ONFi Verification Environment




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